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Anti-Fairytale OOC

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This is the OOC journal for anti_fairytale.

In an attempt to get revenge at Angel for killing Darla, the Master turns Buffy Summers into a vampire instead of killing her. With the added bonus of Slayer powers but without a soul, the girl is an ideal weapon, especially against the heart of Darla's former protege. Their friend and protector dead, Willow Rosenberg and Xander Harris spent the summer in fear... until a new Slayer arrived in town. Fast and dangerous, the Boston-based Faith Lehane breezed into town with a new Watcher, young Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, at her heels and a younger sister with a mysterious past at her side.

Now, it's up to the remaining Scoobies, along with the help of Giles, Cordelia Chase and the new computer teacher, Jenny Calendar, to stop Buffy and the Master before the Hellmouth swallows them whole.

The Rules of the Game:
A. Posting once a week is required. Posting every other day is preferred. If something comes up that prevents you from meeting this requirement, please let me know so that we can work something out. If you're going on vacation or out of town, let us know. Sporadic posting is not cool. And if you're leaving, let me know so I can find a replacement.

B. In your posts to the game, remember these things: proper grammar and punctuation are sexy and spell check is your friend. There will be no chatspeak here of any kind. We play in first person, past or present tense.

C. There is an OOC community: aft_ooc. It's for anything out of character. Questions, reminders, plot ideas, inter-character planning... Please use this and watch it for any updates about the game.

D. Remember, that while this is just a game, respect is something that must be in play at all times. You can't do something to another character that will greatly impact both the character and the game without talking to the mod and the other player first. Also, please, no god-modding.

E. Minor characters, that aren't dead, are welcome to join the game, as long as their backstory makes sense and they fit into the game.

F. Original characters are not accepted as of now. Sorry.

G. If you have any questions, please feel free to find me on AIM: spiritualicide or email me.

H. Have fun!

Available Characters:
Jenny Calendar
Xander Harris
Amy Madison
Willow Rosenberg
Buffy Summers
Joyce Summers
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

RPG Experience:

Journal you plan on using:
Describe their personality in your own words.
Describe their current emotional state as you percieve it.
Where do you plan on taking the character during this game?
Are there any ideas/suggestions you have for this game?
Finally, please whip me up an RPG sample (your character interacting with another character).

Either email your application to me or post it in the OOC community and we'll talk. You'll have to be approved upon joining the community so I need your journal name upfront, please. Have fun!